The Benefits of Lo-Fi Content

During the pandemic, lo-fi (low-fidelity) content was popularized because budgets were more conservative, and there was less opportunity for on-site content creation. As audiences are constantly inundated by highly-produced digital ads, the unpolished appeal of lo-fi photos and videos has the benefit of blending in with the other organic content on social media. Because lo-fi content can be created on your phone, it’s also a budget-friendly social media strategy!

What Is Lo-Fi Content?

Low-fidelity content consists of photos and videos that are typically shot on a smartphone with minimal editing. Because it is not overthought or overproduced, it has a quick turnaround time: spontaneity is favored over perfection. Examples of lo-fi content include:

  • Authentic, in-the-moment photos; hopping on the ever-changing trends; responding to comments; answering questions.
  • Content that is produced as it is posted – for example, creating a TikTok in the app or making a photo dump on your favorite social media app.
  • Popular video topics include “Behind the Scenes” and “Day in the Life.”

Why Do Lo-Fi Videos & Photos Work?

Advertisement oversaturation has led to audiences scrolling past or downright ignoring the ads that appear on their social feeds. To effectively capture attention, ad content must blend seamlessly with the user experience. This requires businesses to stay updated on evolving trends and maintaining (or making) connections within their community. Awareness of your community – local, regional, national, international –  allows for shorter turnaround times to boost organic content effectively. 

How to Create Lo-Fi Content

Because lo-fi content doesn’t feel like a traditional ad, it’s more likely to engage audiences. For instance, TikTok, Reels, and YT Shorts have ads integrated seamlessly with their organic videos. Similarly, your ad content should also be seamless. Here are a few tips to help you create low-fidelity content: 

  • Keep it organic: If the lighting isn’t perfect, or if there is background noise (to a certain, non-overwhelming extent), leave it in.
  • Keep it real: Instead of hired actors, use employees in your company or make use of user-generated content.
  • Keep it simple and straightforward: Lo-fi videos are done in one take with minimal editing, with the added bonus of making it less time consuming.

Get Posting & Advertising for your Business!

As a business, including lo-fi photos and videos along with your professional social posts, photos, and graphics is a great way to balance the type of content that your audience wants to see, which helps you garner more engagement. 

Showcasing your lo-fi photos also reveals a more candid side of your brand to consumers. Adding lo-fi content to your social feeds shows your clients who you really are and the transparency adds credibility to your brand.

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