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F&S Engraving is an industrial company that specializes in bakery products, stamp and engraving products, and various engraving services, located in Mount Prospect, Illinois. F&S Engraving is celebrating their 100th anniversary of business, as the company was founded in 1922. F&S Engraving is a cornerstone in the tool and die industry, and a pioneer in the bakery industry.


With the help of Green Closet Creative, the new F&S Engraving website is advanced, modern, and user-friendly.

We wanted to place an emphasis on the photos of the website, as F&S Engraving carries specific bakery and engraving products that have unique features and setups. Each page includes high quality photos of the F&S products and detailing services. Green Closet Creative implemented a stable horizontal menu across the top of the webpage to give users easy visual access, as well as clean, categorized products and services. In addition, on the home page, users are welcomed to the site with an image that transitions into the left side of the screen, featuring some of F&S Engraving’s most popular products. This high quality image allows users to see some products and details up close and personal! A new feature added to the F&S Engraving website is the ability to view the website fully in Spanish. This is a very important accessibility feature for people who may not speak English as a first language. In both the Industrial Stamps and Pryor Marking Products page, there is an accordion-style drop-down menu that expands on product specifics, measurements, functions, and materials. This gives the users an in-depth and all inclusive description on the specific product that they are looking for.


The homepage for F&S Engraving is welcoming to all users. In the middle of the page, there are live link buttons for the three main facets of the business: Bakery Products, Stamps & Engraving Products, and Services. These links take users to those specific pages when clicked. Further down the page highlights how F&S Engraving is celebrating their 100th year anniversary of business operations. Users are encouraged to learn about the F&S history and timeline, so there is a button with a link to take users directly to the About Us page.


The interior pages of the F&S Engraving website are detailed and emphasize the products and services offered. Since you cannot physically shop on the online site, the pages place an importance on contacting F&S for individualized and custom machinery needs. Many of the Stamp & Engraving Products have sectioned tables with exact measurements and functions for each part.

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