C.O.P.S. Inc. Case Study

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Why C.O.P.S. Inc. worked with Green Closet Creative for their e-commerce website

The objective for every e-commerce website should be to make doing business easier.

This is done by building better solutions:

  • Solutions that aid in connecting data
  • Solutions that improve and streamline UX (user Experience)
  • Solutions that connect payment, fulfillment, and delivery systems


C.O.P.S. Inc. is a law enforcement and veteran-owned business that provides specialty products to law enforcement, fire, EMS, and public safety professionals. They have an inventory of over 2 million products including clothing, survival gear, knives, tactical gear, guns and more. C.O.P.S. Inc. is a licensed Federal Firearms Dealer that buys, trades, consigns, and special orders items.


We were able to digitally transform C.O.P.S. Inc. website into a more streamlined, modern, and functional tool for users. 

Over time the website for C.O.P.S. Inc. had developed technical issues with their e-commerce store.  We were able to work with their third-party product integration partner to correct these issues and provide customers with a better user experience. In addition, as C.O.P.S. Inc. inventory and product offerings grew, the organization of the website and products became more challenging.  We were able to deliver an elegant approach to navigating products and company information and improve user interactions. Lastly, selling guns online consists of several regulatory challenges. We were able to add additional safeguards to the website to ensure C.O.P.S. Inc. remained in compliance with state and federal firearm sales guidelines.

Web Development


COPS Inc. new website design
C.O.P.S. Inc. new website design is inviting to anyone who has an interest in the outdoors. It also makes accessing products much easier and more accessible.


COPS Inc. old design
Their previous site did not invite outdoor enthusiasts, people who hunt or fish, survivalists, or anyone outside of first responders to shop on C.O.P.S.. Inc. website. While they sell to all first responders, there is huge market for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists.

Interior Pages

COPS Inc. new web developed about page
COPS Inc. new e-commerce web store page
COPS Inc. new e-commerce web store product page example

We took a product first approach to the new C.O.P.S. Inc. website. The user knows exactly what C.O.P.S. Inc. sells as soon as they hit the homepage. Clicks are reduced, user experience is improved and…this is a very cool looking site! In addition, while C.O.P.S. Inc. serves police, firefighters and paramedics, they also sell to outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists and people that enjoy camping, fishing and hunting. The previous site was not welcoming to customers who were not first responders.

Thanks for trusting us to work with you on your new e-commerce site Mike and Penny!

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