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Copywriting Tip: Micro-content writing: A powerful copywriting tool

Jul. 8, 2024

Micro-Content Writing: A Powerful Copywriting Tool

Micro-content writing is still having a moment. We can thank our abbreviated attention spans for that.  In 2004,...

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Social Media Tip: writing for social media

Jun. 14, 2024

Writing for Social Media

Mastering the art of social media writing involves more than crafting catchy headlines and witty posts. With so many...

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Copywriting Tip: tips for interviews that tell a story

Jun. 12, 2024

Tips for an Interview That Tells a Story

For some writers, the task of interviewing a client for a story can feel daunting: “Am I asking the right questions?...

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Copywriting Tip: Rhetorical Appeals

May. 10, 2024

Using Rhetorical Appeals in Persuasive Copywriting

As marketing copywriters, we use persuasive rhetoric to encourage people to do something: change their way of thinking,...

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Copywriting tip: Using effective CTAs

Mar. 22, 2024

Why You Need a Strong Call to Action

In its most basic form, persuasive writing is getting your audience to agree with you. A Call to Action, commonly...

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"Copywriting Tip: know your audience" along with a fork holding spaghetti.

Feb. 22, 2024

Copywriting Tip: Know Your Purpose and Audience

Before you sit down to write your first word of a copywriting task, it’s important to know your purpose and audience....

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